Curriculum Vitae

The length and the way a Curriculum Vitae is written leads the way to being called for an interview. This means that you need to trigger the interest of the potential employers through the correct syntax and presentation of the CV.

What does the future employer want to see on your CV?

Your professional experience, knowledge and skills. Through a short description of your studies and analysis of tasks in previous work experience, the interviewer needs to understand whether you are the right candidate for the position and therefore proceed to the interview stage. Basically, it is not only a thorough but also a substantial presentation of your experience, knowledge and competence.  Its goal is to create a positive image and convince the reader to come into contact.

For this reason, the image created in the CV has to be such that within minutes the reader will have an initial picture and simultaneously be able to select you for an interview.

Therefore the CV is an essential tool in the job search process and is a very important part of self-presentation.

Of course, what must be kept in mind is that there is no ready-made solution for writing a CV. It needs assessment and thinking in terms of how it should be set down on paper in order to highlight the skills,  knowledge and work experience, depending on the target company and sector.

Services offered:

  • CV in Greek.
  • European CV in English to search for work abroad and/or multinational companies established in Greece.