Covering Letter

When one is seeking employment, the covering letter is often the detail which makes all the difference and opens the door for an interview.

The covering letter is a letter which accompanies your Curriculum Vitae when applying for a position.  It is essential that one is sent with every CV for every job application – not just the ones of special interest.

The covering letter is particularly appreciated for the following reasons:

  • You show interest in the position and also show that you’re a meticulous and organised person, especially if you use information which you have already found during your research on the company.
  • You show your skills in written communication and therefore that you have dedicated time and effort in order to write it.
  • The recipient of the letter saves time, because just by glancing at the covering letter he will have gained an insight into your skills, work experience and studies.
  • It shows courtesy on your part which can have only positive results.

You need to show your own writing skills and bring out your unique personality which is very important, through your covering letter. You are given the opportunity to present your qualifications with a personal touch and make the employer see you as you are.

The covering letter together with the Curriculum Vitae, is the candidate’s «mirror», as it  is the first contact with the perspective company. The role and importance of the covering letter should not be considered secondary in the job search process. The positive impressions it will make on the target reader will prove decisive in achieving the final objective: the job!

Services offered:

  • Covering letter in Greek.
  • Covering letter in English to search for work abroad and/or multinational companies established in Greece.